The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Greek Wedding Planning

Why, hello there! And welcome to GREEK BRIDE. If it were physically possible to serve you kourabiedes via the Internet, I would. For now, you just get this picture:

Photo by AlWright

My first post is going to outline, very generally, some do’s and don’ts of planning a Greek Wedding. A disclaimer here: Every wedding should be treated as an individual, and every wedding should strive for some level of uniqueness. Therefore, some of the items on this list should be treated as generalizations. They are all, however, very worthwhile thought-niblets for those just starting out their wedding planning. I did just say “niblets”.

The 5 DO’s and DON’Ts of Greek Wedding Planning

1. DO: Involve the Family (please note the capital “F”; if you frequent each others’ homes on major holidays, these are the people that may be offended if excluded from the wedding plans). The family bonding that takes place while in the midst of wedding preparations is priceless. Use the kindness and generosity of your family and friends to your advantage– they genuinely want to help. DON’T: Let them run the show. This is common sense, but I’m amazed at how many personal tastes and values are compromised in order to appease the Family. It is you and your fiancee’s wedding. You two call the final shots. Telos.

2. DO: Look at other weddings for ideas. Think about other weddings you have been to and write down what you liked and, more importantly, what you didn’t like about the wedding. Your perspective as a guest is crucial in understanding what guests respond well to. DON’T: Copy someone else’s wedding. Because you know what happens? Greeks talk and Greeks compare. Moreover, you’re going to lose yourself in the process. This is your event and it should reflect you above all.

3. DO: Invite a good number of people to your wedding. It is very difficult to plan a Greek wedding without a minimum of 100 people. DON’T: Lose control of your guest list, AND DON’T: Forget anyone. For the love of all that is good, save yourself the inevitable grief and don’t forget anyone.

4. DO: Plan quaint and personalized bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Koumbari and Bridesmaids take note! Try a different venue than what your community is used to (because the wedding and reception will likely be at familiar locations), and find ways to make the event as personal and as unique to the bride as you can! DON’T: Pass these off as formulaic and generic events. These are the previews to the wedding. They are the Golden Globes to your Oscars. Take care in the way that you plan them and always be gracious to your guests! They are not obligated to give you a thing!

5. DO: Honor tradition. That is what separates Greek Weddings from the other guys. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the bridal party start off the dance with “Oraia Pou Eine I Nifi Mas”, or getting a beautifully wrapped koufeta with your party favour. A lot of the tips I’ll be giving you will have this point at the heart. DON’T: Alienate your non-Greek guests. Many non-Greeks will be up and dancing after a few drinks, but others will feel awkward and isolated if the party is catering exclusively to the “insider” Greek crowd. Ensure that you include everyone in the celebration.

That’s it for now. Expect each of these points to be expanded upon time and time again in the near future. Until then, I hope they got you started on the right foot!


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