Bohemian Wedding Crowns (Stefana)


Bohemian-style wedding crowns with orange berries (

Combine tradition with personal taste with bohemian style wedding crowns!

One of my favourite elements of the Orthodox wedding ceremony is exchange of the crowns. The wedding crowns (or stefana, as they are called in Greek), are traditionally white, joined together by a single white ribbon, and symbolize the bride and groom becoming king and queen of their own kingdom (their household and their relationship). The fact that the crowns are purchased and exchanged during the ceremony by the couple’s chosen sponsor (koumbaro, or koumbara), evokes an added level of meaning: that this union is supported by those who are close to the couple.

Because there are no vows to add a personal touch to in the Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony, why not pull a bit of your personality into the crowns? You get to take them home afterwards, and many put them on display in their master bedroom. Crowns accented with the wedding colours in the form of artificial berries, flowers, leaves, and other unique details are one way to add a unique, ethereal touch to the traditional, white crown.

Wedding crowns pictured above are currently available from I’m kind of in love with them.


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