Fantasy Wedding: “Something Blue”

My childhood career dream was to be a wedding planner. I suppose part of that stems from my current career path, which is in theatre. A wedding is a production: you need a cast, a crew, costumes, sets, and an audience. Greek weddings don’t differ much, except that they are rooted heavily in tradition, and run the risk of looking the same from one event to the next. But they really don’t have to.

On GREEK BRIDE, I’ve given myself the following challenge: to design one Greek wedding per week, each with a different theme. These Fantasy Weddings will be way fun to design, and particularly when it comes to toying with some of the traditional elements of a Greek wedding (decorating the church, the first dance, the ceremony, the favours, and accomodating other regional traditions).

First up is a wedding I like to call SOMETHING BLUE.

This wedding was inspired by a recently engaged Greek Bride with the following criteria:

Wedding Date: October 2013

Favourite Colours: Blue, Green, Yellow.

Disposition: fun and sassy with an adventurous side. Loves the beach and the summer, so I want to tie that in to her fall nuptials.

Tying in blue with a fall wedding can be done by taking a naturalistic approach to the bridal bouquet. The cream roses with loose light blue accents look both handpicked, and strikingly elegant. The cool blue hue fits perfectly in line with the cooling weather, and the cream of the roses ties it all in with an autumnal yellow. (Image:

These exquisite blue leather and plated-silver stefana (marriage crowns) are the right mix of atypical, modern, and traditional. Tying in the bride’s favourite colour (and the wedding colours) with one of the most prized keepsakes from the special day, is always a nice way to go. (This crown is currently available from 

Decorating the aisles of church pews with galvanized buckets is a cute way to bring in the colour scheme and maintain a naturalistic approach cohesive with the fall. This arrangement of blue hydrangeas, white roses, and green hypericum berries would contrast warmly with the wood of an Orthodox church pew (Image:

Jewelry is always a great gift for the ladies in your bridal party. Matching the jewelry with the bridesmaid dresses is nice because they can wear the piece on the day of the wedding. I picked a Pandora bracelet with a single blue murano bead for this wedding because it is in line with our modern bride’s tastes,  and because each lady can then add charms to turn the bracelet into something they’ll wear more than once. And for Greek bridesmaids, it evokes the turquoise and silver jewelry of the motherland ;).

If I had to choose a dress for this bride, it would be this floaty and fabulous Alfred Sung gown. Girl LOVES to dance and this would just look so dynamic on the dance floor, Greek or otherwise. She literally wants to be able to “pick up” the skirt and “shake it around”. Well, my dear, this is the fashion-conscious way to do that. Not to mention how elegant that train would look trailing down the aisle. This dress can be fancied-up for the autumnal weather with a lace belt or pair of dainty wrist-length gloves.

I suggest a headpiece that mirrors the floatiness of the dress, and the rusticness of the fall, leaving the only blue tie-in to be the bridal bouquet. This silk organza and lace headpiece can be customized with the wedding colours if the bride so chooses.



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