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Welcome to GREEK BRIDE, a new blog designed specifically for the

modern day female who is planning a traditional Greek wedding! GREEK BRIDE aims to become a one-stop-shop for ideas, how-to’s and tips for planning this very unique and special day! And on a dime, no less!

Why come here instead of a larger-scale wedding planning site?


Good question. Because we’re just like those large scale wedding sites, EXCEPT the tips we provide are targeted exclusively toward planning a Greek Wedding, and that includes everything from decorating an Orthodox church, to choosing the right DJ or Band, to tips for Koumbari, to what Greek songs are guaranteed to get your guests up and dancing! We aim to provide information on all of the above and MORE. So if there is something missing on here, please let us know!


Good question. The idea to start this blog struck me at the beginning of 2010 while sitting in my Yiayia’s kitchen, talking to her and my sister (as we often did) about weddings. We talked about everything from dresses, to food, to decorations, to how you should pick your koumbari, to how to make sure that non-Greeks don’t feel alienated at your big, fat, Greek wedding.

It occurred to me, after that conversation (which lasted almost two hours, mind you), that Greek weddings are a whole ‘nother beast. It’s true, ladies! Let’s face it, more than half of the people at your wedding have been to at least twenty others. In my– *cough*— young life, I have been to at least forty. Some have ingrained themselves into my fondest memories, while others have fallen off the cart.

I am guilty of comparing weddings to each other. I am not alone. Sadly, it’s merely human nature. The very last thing you want is for your wedding to fall into the dreaded “Weddings Guests Won’t Remember (And Not In A Good Way)” category.

I know, what you’re thinking: “My wedding is about celebrating love!” That is undoubtedly true. LOVE KEEPS THE WORLD GOIN’ ROUND! But if you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars to entertain a hall-full of people, a small part of you wants to put on a rockin’ party that will have Kiria Kotsoboliatis and Co. talking for weeks! 😉

In my experience, the main reason that a lot of Greek weddings blur together in my memory is because they all tend to follow the same old formula- from the dress, to the food to the midnight avgolemono (which is not necessarily a bad thing). While the traditional Greek Wedding is likely one of the most touching and exciting events in existence, a lot of couples forget to incorporate their own personal style into the event.


My hope is that GREEK BRIDE will help modern-day brides plan the perfect Greek Wedding. In our philosophy, this means one that is rich with tradition, but unique in its treatment of that tradition. Through simple information articles outlining WHY we do, what we do, to opinion pieces that critique or give kudos to existing wedding ideas, GREEK BRIDE is here to make planning that Greek Wedding a little more fun and a lot more personal!

Well, what are you waiting for? Get started!